Advocacy: Bogoro centre visits Banram, Gyangyang Schools

Murtala Usman
Akintola addressing the teachers in one of the visited schools


As part of the mandate of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to make tertiary education more accessible to all Nigerians, the Bogoro community centre, has campaigned and canvassed for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of education at the Banram Secondary School, Bogoro Local Government Area as well as Gyangyang Secondary School in Kanan Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Acting director of the centre, Mr. Peter Akintola, who led a team of staff, explained the activities of NOUN to their hosts.

Akintola informed them about the institution’s modus operandi, its numerous advantages over the conventional system as well as the various programmes run by the university.


He said teachers' performances and activities would be enhanced when enrolled in NOUN, adding that the university has become a catalyst of increasing human potentials in Nigeria through the operation of ODL.

Akintola reiterated the advantages of the university in terms of flexibility, saying that they don’t have to leave their various locations to come to the class since the mode of operation of the institution affords them the opportunity to study from where they are at their own pace and time.

The director and his team, later, held an interactive session with the teachers and staff of the schools where they explained the criteria for securing admission into the institution, courses, admission processes, mode of payment, registration, mode of instructional delivery and online facilitation, among others

Akintola said the outing afforded them the opportunity to entertain a lot of questions, offer clarifications and clear misconceptions about the ODL mode of leaning.

 At the end of their visits, the Principals encouraged and gave their supports to members of staff to enrol and acquire more knowledge to improve their lives and skills.