Butswat inaugurated into SARI Board of Trustees

By Ijapari Ben-Hirki
Butswat into SARI board
Butswat into SARI Board

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration (DVC-Admin), Prof. Isaac Butswat, has been inaugurated as a member, Board of Trustees at the Society for Animal Reproduction and Improvement (SARI).

The society, which was established many years ago and later suspended, was resuscitated some time last year to promote a knowledge-driven animal reproduction organization that will enhance efficient reproduction in animals, resulting in more offspring, more profit to the livestock farmers and more animal protein to the populace at affordable prices.

This is an area of specialization in animal science and that there is no current duration on how long Butswat will be serving as a member of the board.

According to him, however, he looks forward to helping in achieving a lot alongside the other six members who were inaugurated.

The NOUN DVC stated that a country which focuses on the improvement of animal reproduction is bound to enjoy the profitability that comes with any form of animal enterprise.

It is worthy of note that Butswat is a Professor of Animal Science, (Animal Reproductive and Environmental Physiology) and also served as the Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, NOUN.