NOUN staff school visits DANA Aviation Industry on excursion 

By Inuwa Hamza Yunusa
NSS Excursion
NSS excursion


Pupils of the National Open University of Nigeria's Staff School (NSS), Kaduna have embarked on excursion trip to Donier Aviation Nigeria Aiep (DANA), old airport, Kaduna State

This was aimed at exposing the pupils to an area of interest for the better understanding, function and the system of the aviation industry. 

The pupils were warmly received by Mr. Godwin Samuel, who expalined that Dana Aviation Company, chartered, maintain and train  engineers, pilots and all others Aviation staff. 

He further stated that DANA is the first aviation company in Nigeria to Manufactured an aircraft in Nigeria 

He added that Donier Aviation Nigeria Aiep DANA is a foreign aviation industry. 

Shortly after briefing the pupils Mr. Samuel directed the students to the Engineering and maintainance section of the industry. 

It was on that note, the pupils got in contact with Aeronautic Engineer Mr. George Ujah who took the pupils through the facilities and the maintainance department. 

Mr.Ujah, took time to substantially expalined the Aircraft and its section, function of each section and component of the flight, pilots and the cabin crews. 

Moreover, he shared some ideas on safety and explained more on the boarding process 

He raised so many questions on what he has expalined to the pupils which in reverse the pupils Responded to and provided answers to them   

The pupils also experience the landing and the taking up of various categories of aircraft. 

On the side of the pupils, they raised somany intelligent question that amassed the Engeneer. 

He therefore appreciated the level of intelligence of the pupils and stated that the school and it pupils were among the best he came into contact with. 

He urged them to read very hard and face their studies with all sense of seriousness so that one day they may be the ones explaining to other pupils . 

In a chat with NOUN News shortly after the visit, the team lead and the school head teacher, Mr. Ashaolu Femi Emmanuel has stated that the trip is an occasion for the  pupils to go out somewhere of interest usually on a short trip to explore a particular subject, especially one connected with nature or science for educational enhancement and which of interest. 

He added that the school choosed to carried out the excursion at Donier Aviation Nigeria Aiep DANA because it coincided with the school carrier day and to the fact that aviation industry is part of  our substantial pupils area interest. 

He added that substantial number of the pupils wants to become pilots while others are interested in aeronautic engineering, air traffic control and cabin Crew (air hostess). 

So a place like Dornier Aviation Nigeria Aiep is Apt for our pupils who aspire to venture into the aviation industry, said head teacher. 

the excursion trip  will serve a good platform for the pupils to dream and work towards their life goals and aspirations.

The Head teacher firther said the event  will stimulate their interest in the aviation industry and drive away the fears and superstition associated with aeronautics especially in this part of the world.

The  excursion is benefitial to the school in the sense that it project the image of the school in good light as an institution were aspirations are birthed, nurtured and  produced. Said the head teacher. 

He added that this will also give the university and host communities the confidence that the school is living up to the expectations of giving a child life long training.