Why Abuja Model Centre adopts sundry advocacy activities - Director

By Joy Akiga

The Centre Director, Abuja Model Study Centre, Dutse-Alhaji, National Open University of Nigeria, (NOUN), Prof. Sami Michael Ayodele, has said the centre engages in so many advocacy activities tailored towards up-scaling the students enrollment into the university.

Ayodele disclosed this during a chat with NOUN News correspondent in his office in Abuja, where he said that his centre is the second largest in the country after Lagos centre and the largest in the Northern region of the country, in terms of infrastructures and student population.

The director said decided to initiate many activities to engage and attract more prospective students, citing the idea of the student week, counseling day’s advocacy drive, among other events as the drivers to bring students together and engage them.

He said the two activities were akin to what is obtainable in the conventional universities like cultural days and student union week.

Ayodele explained that the student week attracts students because it’s a period whereby students too can interact with each other knowing that our students are non-resident. So the week affords them the opportunity to compete in games like soccer faculty-by-faculty. Like last year, we had to bring in some students from Wuse centre to make up the team for some faculties.

With this year’s event they have extended the invitations to other centres in Abuja that are interested to join, with the aim that when they come to witness and participate in those activities, it would attract more students for enrollment.” 

These activities, according to him, have increased the university’s population of students and the cordial  relationship with them.

The director added that with the increase of the students population, the infrastructure on ground at the center is not matching up, as the centre is currently grappling with erosion which is affecting the campus.

The director said part of what they engaged the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olufemi Peters during the one-on-one meeting was to look into how to landscape the campus.

Ayodele stated that the centre is in need of more office spaces for staff and more computers for students e-exams, to at least reduce batching of the examination times.  

He said as the name of the centre implies, he said he intends to make it a model to other centres.

He particularly thanked the Vice-Chancellor for the completion of a befitting student sit-out, which, he said, has helped in making the students more comfortable during examination as it affords them the opportunity of having a place to stay while waiting for their exam time, against how it used to be when they stayed under the sun or rains during rainy season.  

In order to supplement the efforts of the VC, with the little they generate, the management of the centre was able to build some benches under the trees at the centre for students relaxation while waiting for their exam time as against standing under the sun.