Centre director challenges new students to strive for academic excellence

By Mba Ude Ude
Onyia at orientation
Onyia addressing the students during orientation excercise at Enugu study centre,Enugu State


The Director, Enugu Study Centre, Prof. Alexander Uche Onyia, has tasked fresh students of the university to strive for academic excellence achieved only through sheer dedication and sacrifices of certain comforts.

He disclosed this while speaking at the orientation programme organised by the centre.

"It is important to seek information from the right source and the centre has a well-trained desk officers for  all the  faculties where students can access genuine and authentic information. There is no student or coursemate  who is your desk officer or minister of information, even as second - hand information is very dangerous," Onyia said.

While explaining the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of operation of the institution where teaching and learning are online, Onyia also advised students to improve on their computer skills, even as  their exams would be electronically-based.

Cross section students and staff during orientation programme at the centre

The director cautioned on  the dangers of lackadaisical attitude to studies and stated the fact that students matriculated on the same day do not imply that all would graduate at the same time, rather it depends on individual's degree of hard work and seriousness.

He challenged the students to be diligent and ensure in the full participation of online facilitations.

Onyia emphasised the importance of living  above board and counselled them to avoid acts capable of tarnishing their own image, families  and the university.

He commended the institution's management for ensuring a soft-beginning  of  students through provision of course materials and advised them to download others that were not supplied.