DRA engages stakeholders on strategic repositioning as new director assumes office

By Ijapari Ben-Hirki
DRA director, Prof. Ayodele


The Directorate of Research and Administration (DRA), National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), has held a meeting with directors, deans of faculties and postgraduate studies, as well as all heads of unit in the university to discuss plans and strategic repositioning of the directorate to move it forward. 

Directors of RETRIDOL, ACETEL, Advancement and Linkages were in attendance during the meeting, held at the headquarters of the university in Abuja.

While chairing the meeting, the newly-appointed director, Prof. Sami M. Ayodele, stated that for the teaching staff to have global recognition, it is important that they carry out research activities that can meet global standards.

“As we know in any society, research is important when it comes to national development. We have discovered that in NOUN, academics are more focused on administration than in research, so it is important that we focus on the research aspect of our mandate.

“Our roles as academic staff is to carry out quality research; and to boast as an academician, it will depend on the product of our quality researches. Therefore, as academic staff, it is our responsibility to make sure we undertake research in our various disciplines,” he said.

He acknowledged the setbacks in science in the country, largely associated with the lack of laboratory equipment, but we will still push to see what we can do to have more researches carried out as scientists.

I called this meeting so that we can rub minds together and see how we can improve on our research activities as a university. We are lagging behind. The more researches we do, the better for us. If we are able to get grants, no matter what happens, we will still benefit from it one way or the other.

I am encouraging all of us that no matter the circumstance it is important for us to focus on research activities, which is the main mandate as an academic.

The director said the Vice-Chancellor has asked that the directorate should come up with ideas that will improve research activities in the university.

While presenting the proposed roadmap for the directorate, Ayodele said the first step they took was to appoint non-academic desk officers from the directorate to each faculty.

The meeting, which was an interactive one, ended with staff making comments, suggestions and asking questions as to the report presented and how feasible it would be to achieve it.

It was then adjourned and the director stated that the date for the next meeting would be announced in due time.