Abuja Trade Fair: ‘NOUN is the best govt’s legacy to Nigerians’

By Sunday Adama
NOUN Abuja Trade Fair takeaway

Acting Managing Director, National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Commercial Arm, Mr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Onwubuariri has said that the establishment of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was the best thing that the government has done for Nigerians.

He disclosed this during his visit to the NOUN Stand at the just-concluded 18th Abuja International Trade Fair, Lugbe, Abuja.

Onwubuariri, who obtained two MBAs and MSc Business Administration from NOUN, said he is eternally proud of the institution, affirming  that the university has no peers in terms of its academic standard and flexibility.

"I have been telling people that Open University is the only school that you cannot  compare with conventional universities. The reason being that in exam, you have to read very well from the beginning of the books to the end otherwise you will not succeed; nobody will give you area of concentration and  you don't know who is setting your exams,” he told the NOUN News crew.

Speaking further, he said, "my message is that people who really want to read, this is the best area. At Open University you don't know who is going to mark your scripts and there is no sorting. Your course materials are there for you and you don't have issues with anybody.

"I tell people everywhere about NOUN. In my office, I have about 15 people working with me who are Ph.D holders and I have made them to go for MBA and there are doing their MBAs with the National Open University of Nigeria. It is because of me that they are doing MBA and they are happy doing it with NOUN. Every time you see them on their laptops reading.”

Onwubuariri, who appeared excited to share his wonderful experiences with NOUN, went further to say that "I will say it anywhere and nobody can contest that. If anybody wants to contest I am ready to defend NOUN that the university is incomparable.

"There was a course I was applying in UK. And I asked if they need my transcript. In fact, I have three Master's degrees. Out of these Master's degrees, they requested for my transcript from NOUN. It is based on that that they gave me that course.

“Besides, when my son obtained his degree from one of the conventional universities, I told him go and do another degree  in National Open University and he is doing well; the senior one did Accounting in NOUN and he is doing well too."

Despite the three masters certificates with NOUN, Onwubuariri, is not done yet, as he has, again, indicated interest to enrol in NOUN for his Ph.D in Business Administration upon a peep at the 'NOUN at a Glance.'