Counselors must provide general orientation to students - Ebonwu

Tope Oyewole
Student counselor


A Student Counselor at the Lagos Mainland 1 Study Centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Mrs. Charity Ebonwu, has described the works of counselors to students at centres as professional guidance.

She said the main duty of the profession is to give proper orientation to students from the time of inquiry, admission and throughout the learning state.

"It is our role to give them orientation generally about NOUN guidelines, in the processing of school admission and registration fees, collection of course materials, and in connection into online groups," she said.

Speaking on career guidance forum organized by her centre, she said some support duties have accomplished things such as giving attention to inquiries via online chat, calls, and attending to prospective students physically, and disseminating information on admission requirements.

"They have the golden opportunity to make calls to you at any time and inform you that they have specific questions, especially on courses and programmes that may be in line with their career choices. 

"We are also engaged in physical conversation during the inquiry and up to the time prospective students will be admitted into the university.

 "The counselor has the responsibility to monitor and guide such ones, especially during the course registration and exam registration," Ebonwu said.

The counselor pointed out that materials and study handbooks in the various departments have aided counselors in general in the course of a programme selection as it helps in the choice of courses opt for.

She thereafter urged students to utilise resources provided by the university as they serve as curriculum.

"Joining study groups at the study centers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and other groups helps to avoid regular common challenges students face," she stated.