Isua-Akoko centre takes advocacy to police hqtrs

Tope Oyewole
Study Centre Director,Dr.M.A Badmus (2nd Right)


The Isua-Akoko Community Study Centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Ondo State, has taken its advocacy campaign to the Divisional Police Headquarters in Isua-Akoko community.

The team, led by the director, Dr. A. M. Badmus, on Thursday, August 25, 2022, visited the police office to intimate the new Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Akinola Eludini, on the presence of NOUN in the community.

Addressing the police officers, the director implored the officers to embrace NOUN and its benefits in the community and upgrade themselves academically.

Although your job requires physical efforts but developing yourself intellectually is an added advantage,he said.

Badmus cited an example of a soldier who got promoted after completing his Masters degree in NOUN .

“The accessibility, cost effectiveness, flexibility of NOUN is top-notch and aligned well with the work regimen of the police force. You can write your examinations anywhere, as well as enjoy easy transfer to other centres in case of transfers,” he added.

Cross section of Police Officers 


He then enjoined them to seek personal development, which is a lifelong issue and important to progress in life.

The Deputy Bursar of the centre, Mr. Samuel Adeyeni, explained that “NOUN is open to all categories of students, while advancing, the financial flexibility is open to all students to learn at their pace."

Adeyeni noted that NOUN is a federal university as other conventional universities in Nigeria, with all courses accredited by NUC.

In broadening the flexibility of NOUN, he talked about the convenience of writing Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) at any place.

He took officers through a summary of the registration procedure, process of collection of course materials, among others.

The new DPO, Mr. Akinola Eludini, who himself is a student of NOUN, thanked the visiting advocacy team for coming and promised that his staff will enrol any time soon.