South-west Incubation Centre holds Business Plan training for students

Michael Anyangbeso
Lagos Incubation

The South-west Incubation Centre has held a sensitisation exercise to help students put together a winning Business Plan as the individual presentation looms large.

The virtual event was organised by the coordinator of the centre, Dr. Sam Awolumate and staff at the Lagos Office on the 13 October, 2021 in Lagos.

With an impressive turnout of students, many attended the virtual event from different parts of the region as they were coached on how to prepare a business plan from the ideation phase to the final presentation stage in line with global best practices for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Awolumate said the training was to help students get a firm grasp when it comes to the process of writing business plans that investors can bank on.

He said the overall objective of the centre is to help students create unique products and services that can compete in the local and international marketplaces.

The coordinator also said the centre is ready to assist students who already have businesses through the growth process of becoming commercially viable, explaining further that the centre operates on three pillars - Discover, Develop and Deliver.

For him, this is the first stage which is to discover the students, their talents and capacities and the second stage will be to assist them in developing their talents as well as create a formidable brand before the third stage, which is to deliver them to the marketplace so as to showcase their products and services.