Advocacy: Dei-Dei centre campaigns at host community, markets, others

By Joy Akiga
Dei-Dei advcacy
Dei-Dei advocacy

As part of its efforts to create public awareness regarding the operation of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), the management of the Special Study Centre for the Nigerian Police Force, Dei-Dei, Abuja, has undertaken series of advocacy exercises aimed at increasing students’ enrollment.

The team led by the director of centre, Dr. Afolabi S. Samson, visited the community health care centres, reputable schools and colleges, police stations, markets and a filling station all located within its vicinity.

In a chat with NOUN News during the day-long exercise, the director explained that he has inherited the weekly outing from his predecessors, as he assured to uphold and reinforce it.

“The idea is that we are able to reach focused groups at different times, and also able to have a follow-up activity which might result from the first visit. This style gives room for intensive activity rather than ceremonial approach,” Samson said.

The director added that in the past they carried out a research-based advocacy sample from the heterogeneous population in the communities around Dei-Dei, and found out that above 55% were not aware of NOUN presence around them.

“Similarly, about 40% had the misconception that NOUN was a private university, and a part-time institution and not even aware that the centre is not just for the police alone, but for others too,” he said.

Nonetheless, he said, “the intensive advocacy exercise has had a positive impact, because it has enabled them to enlighten the public about the school and its programmes which were written down and given to them to take away.”

Overall, the campaign was effective as a lot of those who were not aware of the true position of NOUN, the programmes even as the centre is located within them, have decided to enroll to study in NOUN, he stated.