Estate developers brandish housing plans for NOUN staff

By Undiandeye Justina
Staff listening to the speakers during the event


In a significant shift towards addressing the housing needs of staff, the National Housing Fund Unit of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has facilitated an interactive session with Estate Developers to present their housing and mortgage plans.

The session facilitated by the NHF Unit, was part of efforts for the staffers to patronize and own affordable properties.

It was held on Tuesday, May 28, 2023 at the Conference Hall, Senate Building, NOUN headquarters, Jabi, Abuja, as the staff from faculties, directorates and units welcomed the Talik Developers.

In his opening address, the Head of the NHF Unit, Dr. Chukwuto Nnamdi, expressed optimism about the collaboration, emphasising its importance for the university community and beyond.

"This partnership demonstrates our dedication to improving the welfare of our staff. Access to affordable housing enhances our community's quality of life and contributes to reducing the national housing deficit," Nnamdi said.


Head of the NHF Unit, Dr. Nnamdi Chukwuto


On her part, Ms. Patience Adahigiri, Desk Officer at the unit, highlighted the benefits of the federal mortgage plans, stressing that "These plans offer individuals and families homes with flexible payment options and favorable interest rates.

"This initiative is especially beneficial to staff of all income levels who need a stable living arrangement but who aren't particularly financially buoyant, because the mortgage plans make room for them to pay in bits."

Representatives of the Talik Developers led by Ms. Rachael Oputa, detailed their commitment to affordable housing through innovative designs, cost-effective construction, and sustainable materials. "Our aim is to close the housing gap by providing quality homes at affordable prices.

"We recognize the financial challenges many Nigerians face, and our partnership with the Federal Housing Authority through its federal mortgage schemes aims to ease the burden of home acquisition."

Meanwhile in her remarks, the immediate-past head of the Unit, Mrs. Busari Idayat, encouraged staff to take advantage of the housing options and federal mortgage plans while emphasizing the importance of home ownership as a means of financial stability and personal security.

"Owning a home is not just about having a place to live in, it's about building equity and securing your future," she added.

Idayat further highlighted the various benefits that come with engaging in the housing market, including investment potential and long-term financial planning.