UBEC explores collaboration with NOUN for smart education training

By Undiandeye Justina
Group photograph at the end of the visit


Representatives from the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) embarked on a pivotal visit to the vice chancellor and council members of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to explore opportunities for collaboration in the realm of technology-based education.

During the visit, the focal point of discussion revolved around the possibility of integration of smart and technology-based educational methodologies within the basic education framework. 

The officials of UBEC expressed keen interest in leveraging NOUN's expertise to advance staff training and foster innovative approaches to education at the grassroot level.

Prof Olufemi Peters, vice chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), in his remarks, expressed enthusiasm about the prospects of collaborating with UBEC.

 "This partnership holds immense potentials in revolutionising our educational system by harnessing the power of technology to enhance learning outcomes," the vice-chancellor said.

He also  affirmed NOUN commitment to advancing the frontiers of technology-driven education, saying, "We are honored by UBEC's interest in partnering with us. 

"Collaboration in training and knowledge exchange will undoubtedly pave way for a more robust and responsive educational system," Peters added.

The agenda of the meeting primarily focused on training initiatives tailored to equip educators with the requisite skills to implement digital learning tools effectively.

R-L : VC presenting NOUN souvenir to UBEC official


Meanwhile,  both parties exchanged ideas on curriculum development, instructional strategies, and the incorporation of interactive technologies to facilitate an engaging learning experience, as well as expressing a shared commitment to exploring further avenues for collaboration.

 Agreed roadmap towards the collaboration  involved joint workshops and task forces for the actualisation and  execution of the collaborative endeavour.

In their respective speeches, the national coordinator, Digital Resource Centre, UBEC, Professor Bashir Galadanci and the director, Teacher Development, UBEC, Dr. Aleshin Mayowa, underscored the pressing need to embrace modern learning models, emphasising the pivotal role of technology in fostering enhanced learning experiences for students across the country.

Galadanci highlighted the urgency of equipping educators with cutting-edge skills, stating that the landscape of education is evolving rapidly, and it is imperative that our educators are well-versed in employing smart technologies to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

Mayowa echoed Galadanci's sentiment, expressing confidence in the National Open University of Nigeria's capability of spearhead training initiatives.

 "NOUNs  expertise in smart education and technology-based learning methodologies is exemplary. We appeal for collaboration and training programs to empower our educators with these crucial resources," he  added.

This collaborative effort between UBEC and NOUN holds promise in modernising educational practices and fostering a more technologically-driven learning environment for basic education across the nation.